A - Rod (feat. French Montana)

2 Chainz

2 Chainz:
I be riding through the park like I'm A-Rod
Walking through the park like I'm A-Rod
Smoking on that strong, that's that steroid
They tryna kick me out like A-Rod
I used to run the base like A-Rod
When I get me a check, I'ma buy me some extra
When I get me a check, I'ma buy me a necklace
When I get me a check, I'ma eat her for breakfast
When I get me a check, niggas gotta respect it

I earned all my stripes like A-Rod, worth 25 mill
That's a whole lot of money, man somebody get killed
Que pasa, que pasa, you know that I'm proper, I run with my partners
We need us a doctor, for drinkinl the vodka
That piña colada, I might shit a lobster
I just said that shit with my eyes closed
I can count a hundred thousand while I'm blindfolded
CUI nigga, watch I get to it
CUI nigga, the chopper under influence
Now watch how I limp to the bank, dreads hanging under my A hat
If I got sucked by a teller I would never tell you but that would be Bankhead
A1 nigga from the south side, I need a spot light
I need a chinchilla, before I get frostbite
Put the white girl in the middle, call it Klondike
Take her the to the room after dinner, and fuck her like it's prom night

French Montana:
Move around my town like A-Rod
Playing with that girl like Baywatch, Tony Hawk skate off
Steriod, on your ass like Hemorrhoids, cash out with that pen boy
Your pass out see the invoice
When I get that check, I'ma call Madonna
Call up Cameron Diaz, call up Daisy Fuentes
Dikembe on them hoes like no-no, not in my house
You can smoke and you can drink and bend it over and let me play
God dammit I came up, nigga
35K take the plane up, nigga
35 cars, 35 chains, nigga
Gettin' this change, never changed up, nigga
When I get me a check, I'ma buy you a fake ass
With your fake ass, we don't count money, weigh cash
Breakin' up the rock, Dame Dash
When you're talkin' 'bout work, was my day job
Playin' with the base like A-Rod
Playin' with the since yay high
Mix it up, drink it, stay high

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: brendo concon

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