[50 Cent]
Now play my Tony Yayo shit

Yeah, 50 Cent
Tony Yayo
We gonna do it again

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Back seat of the Caddy truck or 
Back seat of the Benz truck or Expo
Back seat of X5 or Range Rov'
So when I pick you up, you know how 
this shit go - hoe

[Tony Yayo]
Hey yo, my truck talk for me
If I was bummy and ugly
Your bitch'll still have love for me
As long as I push a truck, rims 
Never open my lips, your bitch wanna
 fuck me
Beep the air horn, hop in turn the 
heat on
Pick you up off the streets get your
 feet warm
She giving sex cause the Lex truck 
takes unleaded
Big thick thighs, eyes browner than Sahara deserts Deuce-Deuce, bitches, yeah they caught your eye And them loud system full of bass and highs You see that X5 BM Packed with Puerto Ricans Bad mommies on the low, just creepin Niggas be frontin like they bubbling coke But they really struggling with a high car note, ha ... (YEAH) [50 Cent] Might see me in the Jeep Rollin' 'round 4 deep And you know we on the creep Nigga, I'm holdin' it [Hook] [Tony Yayo] Back seat of my truck lets swing an episode Fuck a hotel we have sex on the road I pull the seats back Put the sheets in the luggage rack Pull out my balls And play an Aaron Hall track I tell a chick "Bend over, mami" Hit 'em with the Henny Dick Now my windows foggy Its time to party, I got TV's, CD's and DVD's Now bitch, get on your knees You could be a model chick or a silly hood rat Don't cum on my leather, don't stain my floor mats Where's your baby mama? She in the truck and I'm blessin her Undressing her Make hop out for air re-freshener I ain't stressing her 'Cause my rims keep checkin her She's 21, my rim size older than her TWENTY TWO'S [50 Cent] Niggas say they want beef But when they see me in the street They don't slow down to speak 'Cause they know I'm holdin .. [Hook]
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