Another Town, Another Train


Tom: G
Intro chords: C  G/C  C  G/C (x30003)
(VERSE 1): 
(C)Day is dawning and I (G)must go 
(C)You're asleep(G) but still (E7)I'm sure (Am)you'll know(F) 
Why it (C)had to end this way(Dm ) (G7) 
(C)You and I had a groovy(G) time 
(C)But I told(G) you some(E7)where down(Am) the line(F) 
You would (C)have to find me gone(Dm )
I just (A7)have to move along(Dm)   (G7) 
Just (C)another town, an(F)other train 
Waiting in the mor(C)ning rain 
(F)Lord give my restless soul a little patience(C) 
Just another town, an(F)other train 
Nothing lost and no(C)thing gained 
(F)Guess I will spend my life in railway stations(C) 
(G7)Guess I will spend my life in railway stations(C) 
(VERSE 2): 
When you wake I know you'll cry 
And the words I wrote to say goodbye 
They won't comfort you at all 
But in time you will understand 
That the dreams we dreamed were made of sand 
For a no-good bum like me 
To live is to be free 
Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Pâmella Santos