People Need Love


Tom: B
Intro.:    B 
                        B                                 E 
People   need   hope    People   need   lovin 
                        F#                                  B 
People   need   trust   from   a   fellow   man 
People   need   love   to   make   a   good   livin 
                         F#                              B 
People   need   faith   in   a   helping   hand. 
B                                                   E                                          F# 
Man   has   always   wanted   a   woman   by   his    side   to   keep 
                      B                                                           E 
Him   company.   Women   always   knew   that   it    takes   a   man 
                        F#               B      F#  B 
To   get  matrimony   and harmony.   Everybody   knows   that   a  
E                                                                    F#                    B 
Man   who's   feeling   down   wants   some   female   sympathy. 
                       B                               E 
Gotta   have   love   to   carry   on  living 
                      F#                         B 
Gotta   have   love   for   eternity. 
Chorus - then verse 2, then Chorus to end