Tom: A
Also play it by tuning down ½ step (Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb).  Db would be D, Eb would be E 
Ab would be A, Dbm6=Dm6 (xx0201), Fm=F#m, Bb7=B7  
INTRO    Db      Ab     Db      Ab     Db 
Chords to match the little guitar riff     xx654x  xx656x  xx655x 
          Eb                                                                 Db    Eb 
The   city   is   a   jungle   you   better   take   care 
                                                         Db  Ab  Eb 
Never   walk   alone   after   midnight.           If   you   don't 
Believe   it   you   better   beware   of    me. 
                         Db                                 Dbm6 
I am    behind   you    I   always   find     you 
                      Ab                                 Db 
I am    the   tiger.   People   who   fear   me 
                        Dbm6                                 Ab 
Never   go   near   me,  I am   the   tiger. 
Fm                      Bb7                             Fm                Bb7 
Yellow   eyes   are   glowing   like   the   neon   lights 
Fm                 Bb7                                   Fm 
Yellow   eyes    the   spotlight   of   the   city   nights. 
Verse 2    The city is a nightmare, a horrible dream.  Some of us will dream it forever.  Look around the corner and try not to scream it's me. 
Verse 3   The city is a prison, you never escape, you're forever trapped in the alleys.  Look into the shadows, and you'll see the shape of me.