Friend Or Foe

Adam Tyler

Surprise, surprise, we meet again.
Oh, you wanna play "remember when... ?"
We could if only now were then,
Or i were drunker, or dumber.

You're looking good, i guess, for you.
On a scale of ten to one, a two.
I'm sorry, i assumed you knew,
And if you didn't, bummer.

Should i be
Forgetful or forgiving?
Let me see...
I'm thinking neither one.
You and me,
It isn't worth re-living.
Walk away, fast, okay?
Are you having fun?

Friend or foe --
Which are you? don't you know?
Friend or foe --
Such indecision.
We were as tight as any family... (family = 3 syl)
Well, weren't we? (weren't = 2 syl)

Friend or foe --
Which are you? don't you know?
Friend or foe --
By definition,
A friend is someone you can trust, so please...
We're certainly, enemies!

Congratulations, i was fooled.
You convinced me what you were was cool.
Unusual? i wish. just cruel.
But i was willing, and able.

You had to figure i'd catch on
When you wrote between the lines: "you're gone."
I wanted you to say i'm wrong
Rather than make me, turn the tables.

Should i be
Vindictive, maybe hateful?
Let me see...
I think i'll rise above.
'cause i'm free,
I'm happy, so i'm grateful.
Aren't you, happy, too?
If you aren't, tough.

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Joel

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