Lullabies For Rattlesnakes

Adam Tyler

Step back, careful, you know what i could do.
After eighteen years, your suspicion is showing through.
I'm a firecracker popping; when i'm on, i'm off, the border of strange.
Bet you money, honey, come tomorrow that i'm not gonna change.

I'll be singing lullabies for rattlesnakes,
Taking chances i shouldn't take,
Be rattle-ing the hive from the inside out,
And dancing in shadows of a doubt.
I'll be singing lullabies for rattlesnakes,
Making trouble i shouldn't make,
Be knocking on the cage going "let me in,"
Exactly how i have always been.

Lean in, closer, you know you're curious.
How's a time bomb look, when it's time for it to combust.
I'm an elevator crashing to the ground, i was enjoying the view.
I met disaster, passed 'er, and i won't be playing safer for you.

You, can say, i'm much, too much,
'cause i'm a how instead of what.
(bv: i'll be singing lullabies... )
The way i'm jerkin' the chain, too much is never enoooough...

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Joel

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