Bayou Road

Agony Column

Jump in my car
We're gonna take a ride
Down the bayou road tonight
I'm gonna take you to an evil place
And i'll show you all the sights

It's dark and wet
And trees and moss
They hang like the fingers of fate
Take a right just past the graveyard
It marks the gate

To the bayou road
Cruizing the bayou road
Cruizin' the road

Did i tell ya the story of ole black jim
Who was scared until he turned half white
By the howlin' wolves
And the bloody screams
And some indians that glowed in the night
There were devil bats crocodiles
And snakes by the motherload
And a wicked witch
That ate the men
And turned their bones into hoppin toads

Down the bayou road
Cruizing the bayou road
Cruizin' the road

Take my advice
Lock your doors
And roll your windows up tight
Cause if you look straight ahead
Down the highway
You'll see the graveyard just to the right
We're gonna take it down the bayou road
We're gonna cruise the road tonight
So move a little closer darlin'
And i promise i'll hold you tight

Down the bayou road

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Almir

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