Pacts we have made, while planning for the day
That we might get a chance to meet again
I'll wave and nod, while parting down these city streets
that Cherry Blossoms hedge

Though we have forged through good times and through bad
You always kept a smile on your face
And when this world would try to drag me to the ground
I find strength in those days

And through these misty depths
I faintly still detect
That melody we used to hold so dear

Sakura, Sakura
Full and clinging to the trees
Knowing soon their fate is near, but holding
strong throughout the breeze
So, farewell my old friend, it's time for us to go
With unchanging hearts we'll both continue on… from here

Now it's as though, I have the strength to say,
the words that I have longed to speak to you,
From here on out, I wish you nothing but the best in everything you do.

This bustling cityscape,
that's changing every day,
feels as though it's rushing us along

Sakura, Sakura
Slowly drifting from the boughs
With the hopes that they'll be born again, while floating to the ground
Please don't shed any tears, but it's time for us to part
Show me again that simple smile of yours

Sakura Sakura
Lightly dancing through the sky
Bathing in the ever present glowing of these city lights
So farewell my old confidante, Let's meet like this again,
on the same paths where Cherry Blossoms fall…once more.

Composição: Naotaro MoriyamaColaboração e revisão: Bruna ZablockiJean Sapia

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