A Collapse Of Confidence


maybe i should take your advice and never look twice
ive had my share of stories more grotesque then my insecurities
ive sold myself short learned to forget your name so i wouldnt get hurt
but it costs more than its worth
instead of head down without a comeback
i keep my head up and i push my shoulders back
knowing im only as strong as my weakest excuse
i run to you
but moments like this they never last
the questions im afraid to ask
left my newfound confidence to collapse
a secret i have found better to hold in then to let out
i saw you searching for a body count
after the storm passed over
caution caution
this is where i draw the line
this is where you stand beside the ones who lied
and the ones who tried to rely on giving in
lets no kid ourselves
lifes as short as the time we waste
lost laughing in our coffins scared of sounding fake
scared back luck might conquer fate
so we turn to bridges that weve burnt but its too late
this was never a dream and it never will be
i swear this never came so easily to me
is it so hard to just say it
i give up i give in
so hold on to what you never had
holding on by the blindfolds we hide behind
we are all just digging ourselves separate holes but
you left one open
holding on by the blindfolds we hide behind

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Pedro Ferreira

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