3000 Light Years By Way of the Spacehawk

An Albatross

A quest'll arise
to turn the tides
a journey onward:
3,000 lightyears

For sons & daughters
Will continue to slaughter;
Cities will burn
'till the pilgrims' return

Gagging and choking,
the fair mother weeps,
A neon fog creeps,
Ancient seal is broken:

A new language uttered
the spirit unbroken:
A new dawn's birth
has been unearthed!

Pilgrims climb
aboard the wings
of the great bird

Through the astral planes,
the solution's sought to quell the flames.

They return- and teach
the lessons
of the peace-beasts.

Save the meek and free,
Return to Godhead!

This is how we get together.
This is who we've chosen to be
Upon the wing, upon the feather
Destroy the soul's captivity!

From the heavens
the ancient script falls
and uttered amongst freaks
and writing on the walls.

(and it speaks of:)
Socialism of hope,
and the actualization of a dream
can occur when their world
is torn apart form the seams.

The undead surrender
in pursuit of legal tender,
in luxuriant castles they perch
amidst an unending search
(for the acquisition of schemes
and the lifeblood of the free

This is Manifesto is divine:
Ripe and ready from the vine!

You can't crush the human spirit.
You can't crush the human spirit.
You can't crush the human spirit.
You can't crush the human spirit.

The galactic bird lands upon the city of life.

Resurrect the wasteland
amidst the human strife.

Begin the future rites
(Speaking) dreamer's dialect:

Rejection of...
and the right to be me!

Composição: An AlbatrossColaboração e revisão: Bianca Silva

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