Dust Kids

Andy Shauf

Charlie asks me if I believe in reincarnation
I say no, but please go on
He says I was reading about these kids
They're like two years old, recalling their past lives

Could you imagine if that was your kid?
Rose asks if we want another, I say I'll take another life

Do they say what happens in between?
He says, some talk about heaven and watching from up above
And I imagine sitting on that shelf
Watching over you just waiting to be someone else
If I died and you died too, could we sit up
In heaven and choose to live on together?

They say after you die you start drifting skyward
And it reminds me of a dream I had
Where I was shot in a shopping mall
I died and started rising until I dove headfirst into the ground
I woke up and told Judy, she started laughing at me
Just laughing in the morning light

Maybe hell is coming back as the dust
That you sweep off the floor forevermore

Composição: Andy ShaufColaboração e revisão: Leiidy Norberto

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