Fire Truck

Andy Shauf

A fire truck goes screaming by
And it reminds me of that night
When you said that you were coming home
Then I waited up till four in the morning
She says, I remember, and why the fuck
Would this be a good time to bring that up?
And I am silent, because I'm not sure
Sometimes I feel like I should never speak again

She takes my hand and says
C'mon you know this one's my favourite song

And I can see it in my mind
Those flames reaching so high
Into the night, and that poor family
Standing on the front lawn watching
And for some reason, I remember that feeling
Being almost jealousy
For a new beginning, but I should have known
That I was already burning it to the ground

Now that I'm dancing in the ashes, I just want it to be whole

And somehow with all that distraction
I still managed to pick a fight
When she got home, and all she had were questions
About those flashing red lights
And now the song is ending, Judy's leaving
And I'm getting one more right at last call
Claire orders three shots, Charlie raises his up
And we tip our heads back before we say goodnight

Now that I'm standing in the ashes, I just want it to be whole
Now that I'm standing in the ashes, I can't help but sing along

Composição: Andy ShaufColaboração e revisão: Leiidy Norberto

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