BET Cypher 2013

A$AP Ferg

My yute, dem boys, dem a flex
Clap with the nine, better aim for your chest (Lawd)

It ah ring? It ah ring
A little Fergenstein with a little Shabba Ranks
A train of Jamaican girls that love the Cuban links
Got 'em wining like Lil Kim in bikini minks
No Limit soldier with a bunch of little tanks
Hit 'em where it hurts, make them dudes feel the pain
Blood stain on what remains for two gold chains
White gold on my gums like cocaine
'Rari and Jaguar switching four lanes
Top down screaming out, "Money ain't a thang"

I bet the lord never worries, couple niggas buried
See the good die young, gun shots then it's bury
So I'm off in a hurry, I ain't forcing no jury
To convince me, trill shit, I'm trying to stay big free
Got a budget for the lawyer, risk my freedom on the corner
It ain't worth it, making history is more important
My thoughts are soaring, smoking power, Mighty Morphin
Trip to Fiji in the morning, getting jiggy with a foreign
Look I just finished touring, Worldwide residential
It all started with a pencil, now my suite presidential
Laid up with a bad chick, that never had shit
Hold diamonds and guns, you think I'm mad rich

From a crack hole down in hells gate
To a new breath of air and a brighter day
It's a lighter way, I feel good enough
To buy a bunch of real estate, move my mother out her space
Why? Cause it's the new power anthem
And nigga, we the new black panthers
Get your hands up, we in it for the ransom
Money, power, respect: LOX gave us the answer
New World Order say Always Strive and Prosper
I know God is watching over me, wash away my sins
Now I'm in this bitch a longer stay, A$AP nigga
Tell my cousin that I'm on my way, in a hurry
Fuck a hater, I just gotta tie my waist

City on my back like I run a campaign
Baltimore USA, that's my domain
Used to sip mad dog, now it's champagne
Used to rock the bus, now I catch a damn plane
Got a white chick who love cocaine
Chill with filled with a young boys pain
Rob anybody that got a gold chain
From Baltimore where you here the shots rang
Peanut butter insides be the wood grain
Pull up in an all white paints bumming
'bout to blow like nitro, propane already

I wrote this shit in business class, give me jet lag
This for years of oppressions and the set backs
This for chinks, niggas, jews and the wet backs
Crackers towel heads and I can't forget the les, drags
This is Huey Newton with the uzi shooting
The trill Martin Luther fin to spark the ruger
Malcolm X's muslim army marching to ya block
Bring the chopper to your preacher's screaming hallejuehah!
Dear Mr. President, I'm the shit
Hello, White America, suck my dick
They say Lords Never Worry, no hope for the kids
Young blood was a thug caught slugs from a crip
My father, our father, God father
Glocks in the air, HiiiPower
This is Kendrick off a visit Jimi's watch tower
A longer, seems like Martin dreaming for the longest

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Juliana Martine

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