Be Right (feat. Major Myjah)

Asher Roth

[Hook: Major Myjah]
When the crows fly away
And the sun decides to come out
And all my dreams awake
And I feel free again
The crows fly away
And the sun decides to come out
And all my dreams awake
And I feel free again

[Hook: Major Myjah]
Just let me be right [x8]

[Verse 1 - Asher Roth]
Give it away, give it away
Give it away, now
Haven't felt this way
Since when I moved to A-town
I've decided I'm a do my thing
And stay proud
Used to be some doubt
But now the whole world's my playground
Yesterday, I felt the burdens on my shoulder
But I learned to let it go and
Keep on keeping on my composure
Yea they always told me certain things hit when your older
So you must lift up the hood
And take a look up at the motor
So, no more oil slips
You owe me that, you owe me this
You’re on your own, You’re only hope is ownin up
To know your gift
The zodiac can only help to loan you hints
Take control of yours alone, for ownerships the only risk
No magic potion for the loneliness
Some people who are the loneliest, they happen to be only rich
So get going before the going gets
Homie saw my loathing so he told me this

[Hook: Major Myjah]

[Hook: Major Myjah](x2)

[Verse 2: Asher Roth]
Yeah trust that my gut is in the right place
And when I jump, won’t hit a bump and fall right on to my face
And I might
And thats alright
Ill just get up and say
At least I took a chance to make advances in this life, hey
Hey a new day, never wasted
Don’t be scared to take it there
The truth gets in the way and makes the mood muddled lazy
Fools are persuaded
But our rules aren’t the same
Remember do something crazy! (Do something crazy!)
Don’t want every day to be the same thing
Would be a shame to miss the beauty that the rain brings
When the change intimidates and says remain tame
Look it in its face and say that ain't how he became king
King, king, but really I don’t need much
When it comes to time I want for mine to be on recess
No more feeling tied up in complete stress
Big sigh of relief
I have reset

[Hook: Major Myjah]

[Hook: Major Myjah](x8)

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: cleyson xavier

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