Show Me Your Teeth

Away With You

this show's a drag
were getting hate from all the bands
can't wait to go home
these shows go so slow
we played our best
we got to catch up with some friends
now it's time to drive into an uneventful night
or so we thought
where we came into this fog
the windows stuck down
our hopes are shot down as soon as we step outside
we found ourselves on highway 999
the fog surrounds us
we breath in deep
the taste of horror fills the streets
my eyes can't see what's up in front of me
watch what you say
if you speak any louder you'll give our position away
those steps you take
with every loose footstep you're drawling them closer to me
there's no panic coming over me
I'm ready to die
white fang teeth, red ink leaves
all those hopes and my dreams
words spoke to me
all those days and the nights I wished not to see
anyone, anywhere
for the fact that you have no heart
or a part of what's right
I guess I'll fight from the other side
we are the teething come stop our feeding
watch what you say
I can hear you so clearly and my sight through this fog is great
those steps you take
you'd better move quickly
I'm getting a thirst for the taste

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Erica Sapucci

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