Leave The Gun Take The Canoli

Away With You

fifteen years on the tracks
making a good living until the day that Tom walked your route home from school
you tried to shout but the headphones on his head where way to loud
you quit your job
everything in your life fell apart
but you fail to see
you're not at fault
as people we don't control everything that occurs
there are greater things
so much greater things at work
don't throw it all away
you'll wear this cloud over your head as if it's something that you've earned
that's where you'll suffocate
this song is dedicated to
last flight on Christmas Eve
you didn't have to leave
someone was there to take your seat
he had a family
two kids in Tennessee
hydraulics didn't seem to care
as the TV screen reports the scene the feeling just sinks in
tied to a line we all fall in
you love your wife and kids
they're the reason you live
after your daughter turned 10 you never saw her again
she walked home with her friends from school and got picked up
she disappeared
this song is dedicated to the ones who let go.

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Erica Sapucci

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