Birdie Told Me

Bee Gees

Tom: A
Verso 1:
A              C#m             Bm      E
Birdie told me I must get over you somehow
A               C#m               Bm        E
And she told me never to think of you right now

But it's hopeless to say
        G                            C
How can I forget the way she used to love me
I think about her in my time
F                    E
Know in my mind it's over

Verso 2:
A                   C#m                  Bm      E
Looks like falling, heaven is calling my name to me
A            C#m              Bm  E
Funny faces, lavender traces, memory


(Verso 1)


A      C#m       Bm         E    A       A6
Birdie taught me how to get over you