4th Quarter

Big Sean

I look up
Straight up
I gave 'em time, time

Now it's back to me nigga
I took my clique turned it to faculty nigga
Took my operation to factory nigga
When I'm in the zone they won't tackle me nigga
I touched down in the city, a fuckin' walkin' target
Still man all my bitches miss me, yeah they miss me but not misses
If you ask me what my interest, all my interest involve interest
It ain't nothing to cut that bitch off
but you can't cut my percentage (No no)

With the bases loaded all we need's a hit
boy I'ma still swing for the fences (Gone)
I guess you tend to overdo it when you come up underprivileged, look
I came to my senses, I can never count on people
I can't even trust the senses in this world full of venom
All I need's my spider senses, my short temper to cool out
Yeah sometimes I need woosah, time to get paid by the goo-ghaas
My office on top of that rooftop, for my mama Myra Anderson
Tell me who gon' be set for life, Myra and her son, fo' sure

One time for the fam, they don't eat, I don't eat
I can't rest on my feet 'til they all on they feet
They say rest your eyes, I'm just like why?
Bitch I ain't never seen Ben Franklin sleep
But I do need that paper like sheet after sheet
I got so much drive ho, look both ways in the streets
When I heard 'bout all these singers and all
they naked pictures I'm like "Did my email just leak?"

Hol' up
Lemme check, oh nah nah nah
They fake, we good, we good
The stock goin' up, makin' all the right moves
Boy you would have thought I got tipped off (Tipped off)
You would have thought these niggas fell off a skateboard
The way they take these hoes and trick off (Trick off)
I got a rich girl, I swear to god dawg, man she's like a walkin' ATM
Except she ain't come in with drawls
I know you've been having G.O.O.D. Music withdrawls

I can not deal with the fuckery that fake shit you be in
All that bullshit that you rappin' honestly just makes me cringe
Money doesn't grow on trees, okay someone explain to me
Then how the hell does my whole team just keep on rakin' it all in, hah?
We stressed on, we pressed on
Met with Hov and Bey they told us we next on
We dream that, been slept on, we kept on, we left home
Mama earlobes is VS stone

Her earrings so big she can't even fuckin' hear nothing nigga
Don't give a fuck, no I can't spare one nigga
No I do not have five wheels, I can't spare one nigga
Talkin' like I'm on the last cigarette because
I had to take it back to square one nigga
Sometimes to win the war man you got to lose a battle
But if I lose a girl just know my next one gonna be badder
When I pulled up to the church, ooo, they thought it was the pastor
Heaven sent, raisin' hell, same time, what that's the rapture?

Didn't go to class for a second I swear I woulda failed everything
My passport was the only thing I'm passin'
Flyin' overseas turnin' dreams into habits
Turnin' coach to first classes, mom I'm never movin' back
And I put six years in the flow, okay, no wonder it got mastered
The flow need a dam, why it's doin' too much damage
God damn it's good to get it, even better with ya niggas
Call up my dog who been in and out depression

Said boy how you living, don't lie to me 'bout your feelings
On the outside you look fine but on the inside could be killin'
You act like a comedian but now you're Robin Williams
And now we cryin' rivers that nobody wants to swim in
When one phone call coulda been the one to prevent it
So I'm there for my dogs 'til we forever on
'Til we hit the dealership and cop the Megazord
Nigga that's the red range, white range
Black range, green range, pink range

Yellow range, blue range, every neck comes with a few chains (Ohh shit)
I learned that every bad bitch comes with mood swings
Just like Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang man, so true man
G-5 down to Mexico, G.O.O.D. Music familiar man
We back at it to let you know, I figure it's best you know
In the middle of recordin' we got caught up in the news
About what happened in St. Louis
We midwest kids that shit coulda happened to us

I looked up the flight tonight
Then I realized man I got a grandma now that's half alive
And honestly what happened in St. Louis probably happened in
Detroit like twenty times I hope we finally see the signs
Puttin' gas off in my Benzo, I ran into a youngin'
The same age as me except he in the trash huntin'
Asked me for some change I gave him like one somethin'
Man to keep that shit a hunnid I wish I woulda gave a hunnid
Cause if you ask me how I'm doin', shit you could do the math

I just bought a five bedroom, four bath
Three story, two car garage, I'm one man
I just did it for my mom, finna do it for my dad
And I ain't even sell my soul, imagine what I coulda got for that
I made something out of nothing, it's like I pulled it out a hat
Man when I'm done they gonna statue me, I turned my clique faculty
Operations to factory, in my zone they won't tackle me
Touched down in the city, the fuckin' walkin' target
Still all my bitches miss me, yeah they miss me but not misses
If you ask me what's my interest, all my interest involve interest
Nigga straight up

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Arthur Moreira

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