The Evidence

Bill Hicks

Back in the black when we couldn't see,
The wind come thru like a giant hand,
And all these trees twirled twice around,
And fell like matchsticks, to the ground.

Curled close together, you and I
Pulled the covers tight,
And I wrapped my arms around your waist,
And buried your shoulder in my face.

Our dreams roared on like barrelled steam
We flew down the slope like Casey Jones,
Or, leaning together on a high-banked turn,
Maybe like one of those bobsled teams.

I can't remember? Was there a wreck?
Did I hit my head? Who's the President?
I've searched the house. You're definitely gone.
Outside on the lawn there are fallen trees.

And standing here, beside the bed,
The sun blaring in like the radio-clock,
The blankets are tangled, the sheets are torn,
My hand touches your pillow, it isn't warm.

I'd follow your dream, like a vapor trail,
I'd fly as fast as the wind in the sky,
If I could just find one tiny clue
Of where you've gone to say goodbye.

But all I can find is the evidence,
The sky is as still as a July pond
And as blue as infinity ever could get,
If Muddy Waters were singing this song

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Laudyana Souza

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