America You're My Woman

Billy Joe Shaver

Tom: D
Verse 1: D By your way,i've often G traveled A D Magic mother of the pearl Watched your mysteries G unravel A While each foamy wave D uncurled Neath' my soles the sands of G freedom A Fertile valleys,moutains D high Blistered by the blazing G sunshine A Mellowed by the moonlight D night
D G Mighty measure of the Maker A D With your open arms unfurled G America,you are my woman A D America,you are my world Verse 2: D Many worlds and dreams i've G traveled A Sliding softly through the D night Scanned through silicones G and cycles A Mirrored low your emerald D life G When my days on earth return to A Dust from whence my body D weighs Will my soul could always G carry A Where the Saint's first D flight was made Chorus.
Composição: Billy Joe ShaverColaboração e revisão:

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