Dreamland (feat. Andy Allo)


Give me your hand
Let me take to my dreamland

last night I saw charlie he was walking with his cane
then he came crashing down on the pavement
In amazement I gazed cus I didn't know what to do
tears streaming down his face
how could I ever replace the memory of his pain
he had a cast on his leg
eyes are bloodshot red
oh if you knew how i felt
i'm so sorry charlie
for being so weak

Give me your hand
Let me take you to dreamland
Give me your hand
Let me take you to my dreamland

Escapism Chase Wisdom If U Dare To
In The Cloud Steez LampinIn A Mansion Off The Nile
Breeze Blowing Off The Days
Warm Smile Fell Back Into The Maze
No Way Out The Play House The Car Cost
All Lost Its Just Life
Living It Lush Like Nancy Wills
Brushing Off My Cuff Links,
Thinking Bout My Last Dance Sleeping On My Bills
Taking Stills LivingIn A Film Reel
Chills Build Through Out Me When I FeelIll About U
Doubt U Feel The Same
StillI Return To Learn More Followed Ya Folklore
Floating Forth In A Lucid State Of Truth
Tasting The Juice Sun Bathing On The Pavement
Woke Up In A Rolled Blunt Of Amazement
Gazing Walking Through The Days
Dreaming Bout A Jewel


Let's take a jet and get to
this place
that I never really been to
if I knew I would get you
a first class ticket on jet blu
I hope its somewhere special
I hope it is too
and don't forget to bring
umm a couple extra spacesuits
make the moon smile
and the sun glow
take the show on the road
make tons of doe
and now that we're rich where do we go
I don't know, maybe back home
drink some wine
I'm down get stoned
Go to sleep
Talk about it in the morn
Andy Allo in the house
We got Blu in the house
{uh uh uh here we go
{and we and we and we uh


Composição: Colaboração e revisão: IndieQueen Victoria

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