Bob Dylan

Tom: C
[Intro] Am F Am F Am F Pistol shots ring out in the bar room night Am F Enter Patty Valentine from the upper hall Am F She sees the bartender in a pool of blood Am F Cries out "My God they killed them all!" C Here comes the story of the F Hurricane, C F The man the authorities came to blame Dm C For something that he never done Dm C Put in a prison cell but one time Em Am F He could have been the champion C G Am F Am F of the world Am Three bodies lying there does Patty F see Am And another man named Bello moving F around mysteriously Am "I didn't do it" he says, and he F throws up his hands Am "I was only robbin' the register, F I hope you understand C I saw them leavin'" he says and F I|he stops C F One of us had better call the cops Dm C And so Patty calls the cops Dm C And they arrive on the scene Em Am with their red lights flashin' F C G Am In the hot New Jersey night F Am F Am F Meanwhile somewhere in another part of town Am Rubin Carter and a couple of F friends are driving around Am Number one contender for the F middleweight crown Am Had no idea what kind of shit was F about to go down C F When a cop pulled him over to the side of the road C F Just like the time before and the time before that Dm C In Patterson that just the ways things go Dm If you black you might as well not C show up on the streets Em Am F C G Less you wanna draw the heat Am F Am F Am Alfred Bello had a partner and he F had a rap for the cops Am Him and Arthur Dexter Bradley were F just out prowlin' around Am He said "I saw two men runnin out, F they looked like middle-weights Am They jumped into a white car with F out of state plates" C F And Miss Patty Valentine just nodded her head
C F Cop said "Wait a minute boys, this one's not dead" Dm C So they took him to the infirmary Dm C And although this man could hardly see Em Am F They told him that he could C G Am F Am F identify the guilty men Am Four in the morning and they haul F Rubin in Am Take him to the hospital and bring F him upstairs Am The wounded man looks up though F his one dying eye Am Says "why'd you bring him here F for? He ain't the guy!" C F Yes, here the story of the Hurricane C F The man the authorities came to blame Dm C For something that he never done Dm Put in a prison cell but one time C he could've been Em Am F C G The champion of the world Am F Am F Am Four months later the ghetto's on F flame Am Rubin's in South America fightin' F for his name Am While Arthur Dexter Bradley's F still in the robbery game Am And the cops are puttin' the screw F to him looking for somebody to blame C F "Remember that murder that happened in a bar?" C F "Remember you said you saw the getaway car?" Dm "You think you'd like to play ball C with the law?" Dm "Think it might have been that C fighter that you saw running that night?" Em Am F "Don't forget that you are C G Am F Am F white" Am Arthur Dexter Bradley said "I'm F really not sure" Am Cops said "A poor boy like you F could really use a break Am We got you for the motel job and F were talking to your friend Bello Am Now you don't want to have to go F back to jail, be a nice fellow C F You'll be doin' society a favor C F That son of a bitch is brave and getting braver Dm C We want to put his ass in the stir Dm We want to pin this trip murder on C him Em Am F C G He ain't no Gentleman Jim" Am F Am F Am Rubin could take a man out with F just one punch Am He never did like to talk about it F all that much Am It's my work he'd say I do it F I|for pay Am And when it's over I'd just as F soon go on my way C F Up to some paradise C Where the trout streams flow and F the air is nice Dm C And ride a horse along a trail Dm But then they took him to the jail C house Em Am F Where they try to make a man C G Am F Am F into a mouse Am All of Rubin's card were marked in F advance Am The trial was a pig-circus, he F never had a chance Am The judge made Rubin's witnesses F drunkards from the slums Am To the white folks who watched he F was a revolutionary bum C F but to the black folks he was a crazy nigger C F No one doubted that he pulled the trigger Dm And though they could not produce C the gun Dm The D.A. said he was the one who C did the deed Em Am F C G And the all-white jury agreed Am F Am F Am F Rubin Carter was falsely tried Am The crime was murder "one", guess F who testified? Am Bello and Bradley and the both badly F lied Am And the newspapers all went along F for the ride C F How can the life of such a man C F Be in the palm of some fool's hand? Dm C To see him obviously framed Dm Couldn't help make him feel C ashamed to live in a land Em Am F C G Am Where justice is a game F Am F Am Now all the criminal in their F coats and their ties Am Are free to drink martinis and F watch the sun rise Am While Rubin sits like Buddha in a F ten foot cell Am F And innocent man in a living hell C F That's the story of the Hurricane C But it won't be over till they F clear his name Dm C And give him back the time he's done Dm Put in a prison cell but one time C he could've been Em Am F C G Am The champion of the world F Am F
Composição: Bob Dylan / Jacques LevyColaboração e revisão: Gabriela HossVitor PomarGabrielMaurício Selonke

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