Aint No Reason

Brett Dennen

Tom: F
[Intro] F Bb E--------------------------------- B---------1---------3------------- G-----0h2---------3---3------0h2-- D---3-------------------3----3---- A-------------1------------------- E--------------------------------- F C E|-------------------------------1-- B|----1-------------1------------3-- G|----2-----------0---0----------2-- D|-3------(3)----2-------2-------0-- A|-------------3-------------------- E|---------------------------------- Dm E|---------| B|---1-----| G|------0--| D|---------| A|-3-------| E|---------| Bb F E--------------------------------- B------3---------------1---------- G----3---3-----0h2-----2---------- D----------3---3----3-----(3)----- A--1----------------------------3- E--------------------------------- C E|-----------0---------------------- B|----1----------------------------- G|--0---0-------------------------3- D|2-------2------0h2-0-------------- A|-----------3----------3------1---- E|---------------------------------- E|---------| B|3--------| G|--3------| D|----3----| A|---------| E|---------| F C E--------------------------------- B------------1---------------1---- G---0h2------2-------------0---0-- D---3-----3------(3)-----2-------- A----------------------3---------- E--------------------------------- There aint no reaso Dm E|--------1------------------------- B|--------3-----1------------3------ G|--------2--------0-------3---3---- D|2-------0----------------------3-- A|-----------3----------1----------- E|---------------------------------- n... E|----------| B|----------| G|---0h2----| D|---3------| A|----------| E|----------| F C E--------------------------------- B-----1-------------1--------1---- G-----2-----------0---0------0---- D---3----(3)----2-------2----2---- A-------------3--------------3---- E--------------------------------- (Brett now roughly plays the intro picking over the chords sometimes improvising. Sounds if you do the whole song in the picking from the beginning, but chords sound good aswell) [Verse 1] Bb There ain't no reason things are F this way C It's how they' always been and they Dm intend to stay C Bb F I can't explain why we live this way C We do it every day [Verse 2] Bb Preachers on the podium speakin' of F saints C Prophets on the sidewalk beggin' Dm for change C Bb Old ladies laughin' from the fire F escape C Cursin' my name
(chords remain the same for all verses) [Verse 3] I got a basket full of lemons and they all taste the same A window and a pigeon with a broken wing You can spend your whole life workin' for something Just to have it taken away [Verse 4] People walk around pushin' back their debts Wearin' paychecks like necklaces and bracelets Talkin' 'bout nothin', not thinkin' 'bout death Every little heartbeat, every little breath [Verse 5] People walk a tightrope on a razor's edge Carryin' their hurt and hatred and weapons It could be a bomb or a bullet or a pen Or a thought or a word or a sentence [Repeat Verse 1] [Chorus] Dm But love will come set me free Bb C Dm Bb Love will come set me free, I C do believe Dm Bb Love will come set me free, I C know it will Dm Bb Love will come set me free, C yes [Verse 6] Prison walls still standin' tall Some things never change at all Keep on buildin' prisons, gonna fill them all Keep on buildin' bombs, gonna drop them all [Verse 7] Workin' your fingers bare to the bones Breakin' your back, make you sell your soul Like a lung that's filled with coal Suffocatin' slow [Verse 8] The wind blows wild and I may move But politicians lie and I am not fooled You don't need no reason or a three-piece suit To argue the truth [Verse 9] The air on my skin and world under my toes Slavery stitched into the fabric of my clothes Chaos and commotion wherever I go Love I try to follow [repeat Chorus] [Repeat Verse 1]
Composição: Brett DennenColaboração e revisão:

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