Tom: G
e|---0---|---2---|---2---|---2---| B|---1---|---3---|---2---|---2---| G|---0---|---4---|---3---|---3---| D|---2---|---2---|---4---|---2---| A|---0---|---2---|--(4)--|--(4)--| E|---3---|--(2)--|--(2)--|--(2)--| Yeah Sometimes I just love to have that out Just something a girl gotta do, oh Never thought I'd see you like this You're looking good when you're half dressed Just let me give you one last test Is that a sin?Am I too hot for you though Did you check out my video There's something you don't know Like this I dare you to stand in my way Just give in when you are ready to play Like this
Here comes the Showdown What goes around comes around And the crowds are waiting, oh 'Cause if we break up Then we can make up Check my booty all night Here comes the Showdown I don't really wanna be a tease Would you undo my zipper, please Uh uh, please don't talk...Listen I'll let you touch me if you want I see your body rise, rise And when you come, don't get too hot Butterfly I dare you to stand in my way Just give in when you are ready to play Like this CHORUS Forget the tension When we fight We'll make it up Turn down the lights It's just a lover's game we play After the screamings at an end Why don't we do it all again That's when the fun really begins CHORUS 2X
Composição: Britney Spears / Cathy Dennis / Henrik JonbackColaboração e revisão: roberto braick

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