Dreams Go By

Harry Chapin

Bm com forma de Am
D com forma de C
E com forma de D
Em com forma de Dm
F#m com forma de Em
G com forma de F
A com forma de G
Tom: D(forma do acorde no tom de C)Capotraste na 2ª casa
Capo Up 2- Play C (True D) C Dm There you stand in your dungarees C G Lookin all grown up and so very pleased. C When you write your poems,they have Dm so much to say C When I hear your dreams, it takes G my breath away. F You know I want to be a ballplayer, C Em Am a regular sluggin fool Dm G But I guess our dreams must wait F G C awhile, until we finish school. Chorus C And so you and I, we watch our years Dm go by,
G We watch our sweet dreams fly, far Am away. Em G But maybe someday, C Dm I don't know when, But we can dream again, G Am Em G And we'll be happy then, till our time, just drifts away. There you stand in your wedding dress, You're so beautiful that I must confess I'm so proud you have chosen me, when a doctor is what you want to be You know I want to be a painter, girl, a real artistic snob. But I guess we'll have our children first, You'll find a home, I'll get a job. (Chorus) Bridge Am Em Am Listen to the seasons passing, Em listen to the winds blow, Am Em F Listen to the children laughing, D G where do broken dreams go? There you stand in your tailored suit, So many years go by, but you're still so cute. You take the car to go and meet the bus, When the grandchildren come to visit us. You say you should have been a ballerina, girl, There are songs I should have sung. But I guess our dreams have come and gone, You're supposed to dream when you are young. (Chorus)
Composição: Harry ChapinColaboração e revisão:

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