Pleasant Overthinking

Charles Hamilton

Pleasant Overthinking Lyrics Yeah, I'm back wit the chair up against the wall Unfair but I don't care, What's the sense of all The unshared if it was shared with you Why share ain't somethin considered unfair to you? Hold it together, I think as I pass the joint Notice the gesture? I quote it then yes sir You get it the it factor, if I have it I give it Only to regenerate it in a minute Aware or not whether I care or not Whether you indeed are scared or not Isn't my care so prepare to stop I'm nowhere near a glock but I'm deadly when I share a tock Tick, of my scary watch Every second that flashes Another second to the message left in the ashes As it turns out I can never burn out And you wishin you could learn how (Chorus) The stress, the pressure, the pain
I'm dealin' with it all The press, the letters, the names I'm dealin' with it all When this life becomes more than a lifeguard Just stand in the room with the lights off, and whisper to yourself I'm dealin' with it all I share my wisdom as ripe as it is But it comes from the life that I live Hated life as a kid Not like where I live Couldn't ride a bike til I was like twelve Felt like my life was like hell Might as well try to prevail Or die and tell all the guys in hell Why the sky might have fell So when people say I'm nice as hell And how I inspire My eyes swell Might have caught a couple of rights When I fight myself At night but the mic is how I like to trail A fire to the entire cite where the spiders dwell I guess that'd be the internet The charlantula's been a threat If you didn't get it yet hit the web My visions spread The kid invests his interest Into the best Livin' stress-free but knowin' there are people who aren't as of stress, me Chorus It might be cuz I think too much I'm out my mind Or maybe cuz I need too much Think about that line I don't wanna lose control Just take your time You can't hear it then lose your soul To help you define (x2) Chorus
Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Lucas Diniz