Change Gonna Come (feat. B.o.B / Asher Roth)

Charles Hamilton

It's been a long
A long time coming but I know
A change gon come, a change gon come
A change gon come, change gon come

It's charles hamilton
Prisoner to my cerebellum so I reach out to the listeners
And my mission is I better tell 'em
Our fear of a free mind is here and your spirit can die
Any time you need to cry so you hide it deep inside

Reason why, how can you change what was written?
Easy, don't focus your brain on what they mentioned
I got so used to tryna make due
I feel like I'm cheating when I'm faced with a breakthrough

The man in the mirror keeps saying "I hate you"
I respond like, "lil nigga, I made you"
Slay those saying they can break you
So when I take a break I go ape
Come back and play fool
When they think they won that's when I crush 'em
Change is eminent I evolve so it's nothing
What's the discussion?
Charles hamilton

Yeah, it’s crazy man
We are on the cover of xxl
Anyone else think that's amazing
Uh, get 'em

We've been pompous
Ever since columbus couldn't work a compass
We've accomplished what we've conjured up while conscious
And consciously we've conquered all the eye can see
Constantly concocting more
Options but jobs are still obsolete
It seems so odd to me an odyssey
How honesty is honestly the rarest thing upon us, it's astonishing
How did all the honest people vanish from the planet?
Leaving us a laundry list of problems to acknowledge

While plotting with my phonics me and sonic and b.o.b
Nag champa rises as I sit down and sketch my rhymes
Stretch my mind to figure out what's next in line
The next emin, 'ye and andre nah homie
It's just been a long, a long time coming

Yeah, listening
Right about now
I feel honored
To be a part of this change
That is taking over these great states
So I just need to get real one more time

Well as your listening to this track
You're probably about to blog about it maybe say it's wack
Or maybe compare the verses to see which one of us is snap
Completely ignoring the fact that this is way more than rap
'Cause I happen to be on a magazine you happened to see this issue
Some people wish you well man some people turn against you
Some people even call up to the station just to diss you
"You bitch you", you only mad at yourself here's a tissue

But that even my focus man that hate ain't on my menu
I'm in a different city about to rock a different venue
My girl sent me a text message just to say, “I miss you”
It won't be long before I'm home baby but the rents due, ah ha
Charles hamilton what does it do
Asher roth is super sick like hatch at two
B.o.b spitting the truth fall up in this booth
Change gonna come
So sing along to this tune

Yeah, man
November 4th
Remember, remember the forth of november
Ha ha ha ha
Yeah, this is b.o.b and I approve this message
It's been a long
A long time coming but I know
A change gon come, change gon come
Change gon come, a change gon come

Composição: Asher Roth / Bobby Ray Simmons / Charles Hamilton / Sam CookeColaboração e revisão: Jaymes MourJaymes MourJaymes Mour

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