Chop Like This

Charlie Puth

Baby you gone serve it up on a platter
Serve it hot serve it cold baby girl it don't matter
Just need a dash of your touch
Girl it don't have to be much
Just wanna feel the heat of your love

Sugar and spice makin everything better
You gotta, push it girl salt n' peppa
Tryin to give what you need
Only need one recipe
Wanna feel the heat of your love

I'm feelin' summer nights
Oh when they fade away these
Summer nights summer nights
We'll still be burnin babe
Ooooo, got me like

I wanna see ya
Chop like this, drop like this

Everything you do is just so enticing
Wishin you'd come over here and ignight it
Frostin all up on your lips
The sweeter the touch of your kiss
Wanna feel the heat of your love

Follow the steps we done got with this lovin
You be so hot girl so hot like an oven
She hadn't even begun
I hadn't even enough
Wanna feel the heat of your love
Chop like this

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Vinícius

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