All Go Down


In emptiness they rot
Unable to fight
Seeking slowly the forthcoming light
Recapture time
When you're so old
Just hope to die
Or be reborn

Don't be scared of the darkness 
The deceit that is worst of its kind All the torture that you feel inside Kill your thoughts and squeezes your mind They all go down and die Hide in fire it can't loose your way Walk on water where it's hard to stay Blindness coming is all that you know Emptiness is where they all can go They all go down and die (outro): There's time to live And a time to die Breathe for the last time And say goodbye
Composição: Black / Cairo Filipe Lima Morais / Choice / Djonga / Dnasty / Jovem Alga / Rap Box / Sandrão RzoColaboração e revisão: Felipe Eeyore

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