Angels Of The End


Held the fire in my heart
And took away the pain inside
All the time of my life is drowning 
down below

Now it's time to go away
In darkness i am saved
All the evil i have done
Now it's past and gone
And they're taking all my pain
Leave it far away As they call the master's name As we're falling down On and on they play their morbid tune Play their morbid tune On and on they play their games 'all the truth they seek is in my eyes Call out my name I will never wipe the blame I will stay alive this morning Walking with the dead' On and on they play their haunted tune Play their haunted tune Angels of the end' All the truth they seek is in my eyes'
Composição: Black / Cairo Filipe Lima Morais / Choice / Djonga / Dnasty / Jovem Alga / Rap Box / Sandrão RzoColaboração e revisão: Felipe Eeyore

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