Freak of Nature

Chris Crocker

It's Chris Crocker..
They say I'm a freak of Nature.. and..
I think they're right.

(Verse 1)
I want you now and I ain't askin you, Bitch Please!
Now I'm too proud and you're down begging on your knees
I think it's hot when I pin you down - Pull your hair
I'll have you screamin' like a freakin' nightmare

Gettin' ready for the club
Sexy but it isn't love
I'm just a freak-freak
I'm just a freak
Thrust our bodies up and down
Wanna kiss your playground
I'm just a freak-freak
I'm just a freak..

Baby, read my lips
I'm a Freak of Nature
Wanna go all night
Baby, come taste the danger
Turn it up tonight..
Come on, take a bite
I'm a freak-freak-freak
I'm just a Freak of Nature..

(Verse 2)
Our sounds are gettin' loud and I am covering your scream
From the couch - to the ground - the sleezin' in the streets
They called the cops, but baby, we're not scared..
They'll just pat us down and touch us down there..

(Repeat pre-chorus & Chorus)

Everyones got somethin' to say,
but no ones gonna rain on my parade
I'm much more.. much more than you think
You're just the freaks-
You're just the freakin' haters

(Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus)

Us freaks are endangered species..
so lets live it up to the fullest
What you got to say?

It's Chris Crocker..
Bitch, please!

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: GerManDaniel Fernandes

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