About To Go Down

Colin James

Only takes about a minute then I'm in it again
Always filling up a vega so my day can begin
And end without a hastle over verbal confrontation
Instead I'm taking to the head the herbal medication
Heard that you were facing a sticky situation
Let this chronic meditation help to heal the player hation
Just be patient while I lace ya, place ya, on a path
To the things you've never had, hot steam bubble bath
Got rings full of diamonds, or testaments to my time
And true indeed forever grinding but seeming I'm better shining
Bet I'm winning when I'm spinning but nothing but them nude models
Them big faces, I replace this with a few bottles
To get me tipsy and keep me buzzing, you thought I wasn't
I make the hits to bump your relative and all your cousins
And keep them popping till the morning time
Still chill like a villain, steadily burning mine

Let the smoke hit the ceiling all the way from the ground
Got some girls and my homies and we're twisting a pound
Alize and courvoisier mixing around
And regardless either way it's about to go down

Well I don't fuck with alize or courvoisier
Just give me a twelve pack of Corona and some yerba and I'm on my way
Who's got the yesca, Gelo's got the bomb shit
Spend some days in a haze, come out in a dizzy daze
Marijuana paradise, there's nothing quite as nice
My anesthetic, I'm high chiggy check it
Jump in the Caddy, hit the switch I might wreck it
Cuz it's too quick when it hits, snaps in a millisecond
I don't wanna get arrested I just wanna get down
But I'm so fucked up when I leave I'm gonna end up downtown
I already swerve as it is, I hit the curb as it is
I'm like a magnet to the jura, I don't know what it is
Is it cuz I'm pelon, or cuz I'm stoned to the bone
Behind the wheel of a 'Lac, you see the sparks from the back
And I keep it hopping till the morning time
And still chill like a villain, steadily burning mine

Pager blowing up, got these mamis on a mission
Begging me to call them back just to hear their propositions
How they get me in the sack, how they're bending these positions
How I won't know what I'm missing till that full body licking
Always thinking to my player gear, ain't no Captain Save A here
Still I keep a gang of them or wishing they were laying near
Staying clear of rats and others that wanna trap
A brother like me, yo homie pay apology be
Easily I be strutting right by
Half shutting my eyes but it ain't nothing, I'm high
I'm trying to chill like a real man, baby can you feel that
Take me to the pad with the bed and the mus-ac
Then we'll snack on the fruits of love
All night in the tub, anything you're thinking of
First the rubbing then the touching then the jumping up on you
You got a secret, I can keep it, so you're calling your homey
It's going down

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Dih carvalho

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