Find The Cost Of Freedom

Crosby Stills Nash and Young

Tom: Bb
Find the Cost of Freedom c1970 >From the CD: So Far (I think!) Written by: Crosby Stills and Nash (This one I know!) Here's my version of Find The Cost of Freedom. In the actual song there are 4 guitars (I think) so I just chose one of them. If you want one of the other parts, e-mail me.
This is just the intro and the part with the words. There's a whole other part in the middle, but I really am too lazy to figure it out! ~Lani~ The song is played in Standard Tuning: Introduction/Chorus e-------------------------------- B--1-1--1------------------------ G--0-0--3---3----3----3--------3- D-----------3h5--3h5--3h5p3----3- A----------------------------6--- E-------------------------------- e|---------------------------------| B|---------------------3h4p3-------| G|3----3-------------5-------5-----| D|3----3-----------5-----------5---| A|---5----5p3----3---------------3-| E|-------------6-------------------| This part is played at the beginning of the song 2x. Then it is played throughout the words 4x (the first two times normally, the second two times a capella) Words: Find the cost of freedom Buried in the ground Mother Earth will swallow you, Lay your body down.
Composição: Stephen StillsColaboração e revisão:

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