Jah Jah bless today

Dada Yute

Babylon I sure Jah Jah blessings today
Babylon I sure Jah Jah blessings tomorrow

Guetto youths king of kings Selassie I don't let I feel the pain
Almighty Jah Rasta breack every chains
Jah Jah children moving faster
Look down inna Babylon big disaster
Smoke I great callie chalie
Keep on meditation style
Light up the chalice, lighy up the spliff
Emperor Selassie is the king of all king's


This ya guetto youth prepare your way for tomorrow
No more feel the pain no shame no more sorrow
Bless up, bless up give thanks for your mother
Bless up, bless up, give love for the father
Show your love for the sons and doctors
Love fo the sisters and brother
Jah Jah love for the prettys and ladys,
for the womans and babys
Now I can to see the light
Action, change moving in Jah Jah side
I know anyway praise Jah Jah more strongher
Jah Jah bless everything in my life get longer


Well a me praise RastafarI king
Emperor Selassie I show and revel
Kings of kings open the seven seal
Me praise Jah Jah name RastafrI still


Blessing Fya
Repatriation Marcus Garvey make a black star linner
Blessing Fya
Remember Marcus Garvey prophecy black messiah
King Selassie I in flash, is Almighty Jah Jah
Chanting akete nyabinghi Jah Jah fya
Fya fi burn weked fya fi burn vampire

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: rhuan oliveira

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