Dane Cook

When did you run away?
How is it far from here?
Only look back when the futures not so clear.
Wondering around the room.
Everythings in its space.
I'm the only thing that dosen't fit in this place.
Whom I supposed to be.
Falling while I'm standing still.
Do I deal so willingly with the fact I lost the will.
My sad song saves me.
My down days feel right.
I dream of a didn't know what keeps me up at night.
Forward, forward, forward, I go forward.
Steady as I don't go.
Thrown into I don't know.
Can I ever let myself, just let myself go.
Floating down the stairs.
No one knows I'm near.
I shout at the shawdows,"Don't let me catch you here!"
Lingering on the porch.
Breathing till I'm bored.
Caught between a prison gate and a wide open door.
Pushing from within.
Everythings not fine.
Tonight I'm going to take back, take back what's mine.
I'm going to take back what's mine.
I'm going to take back what's mine.
Never find me here, never find me here.
Forward, I go forward.

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Rah

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