Verse 1:
There's a hero, if you look inside 
your heart.
You don't have to be afraid of what 
you are.
There's an answer, if you reach into
 your soul,
And the sorrow that you know will 
melt away.

And then a hero comes along, with 
the strength to carry on,
And you cast your fears aside, and 
you know you can survive.
So when you feel like hope is gone, Look inside you and be strong, And you'll finally see the truth, that a hero lives in you. Verse 2: It's a long road, when you face the world alone. No one reaches out a hand for you to hold. You can find love, if you search within yourself, And the emptiness you felt will disappear. (Repeat Chorus) Lord knows, dreams are hard to follow. But don't let anyone, tear them away- ay ay. Hold on, there will be tomorrow. In time, you'll find the way. (Chorus) That a hero lies in... you That a hero lies in... you
Composição: Adam Hood / Alberto Testa and Tony Renis / Ben E. King / Ben Glover / Bernie Herms / Billy Simon / Brett James / Buddy Greene / Busbee / Carole Bayer Sager / Charles Kelley / Chuck Cannon / Chuck Jones / Danny Gokey / Danny Walker / Dave Heywood / David Foster / David Lee Murphy / Ethan Hulse / Greg Barnhill / Hank Bentley / Jeffrey Steele / Jerry Leiber / Jimmie Lee Sloas / Joanna Cotten / Kara DioGuardi / Kent Blazy / Lari White / Mark Lowry / Marv Green / Mike Stoller / Neil Thrasher / Ron Hemby / Steven Tyler / Tom Douglas / Tom Hambridge / Tony Martin / Vicky McGehee / Wendell MobleyColaboração e revisão: Henrique Lachi

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