One Life

Danny Gokey

How was she to know as she ran and 
slammed the door
That the angry words she spoke were 
the last words she would breathe
How was she to see eternity between 
the red light and the green
It all ended suddenly

Cause tomorrow isn’t promised
All we have is one life, one time
To live and love and make it right
Yesterday is written
All we have is right now, is right 
To celebrate this one and only life

He always loved the rain and the sound of a thunderstorm He had to look for cover as the wave overtook the shore He watched helplessly as everything he owned Everyone he’d ever known in a moment was all gone Sometimes we can’t control Where or when or how life goes We live our lives for love We can dream and pray and hope She dropped him off at school as she kissed her son goodbye There’s no way she would know it would be for the very last time Later came the news of violent tragedy The whole town prays how could this be? How could this be? Life is too short gotta make it right Yesterday’s gone and all we got is right now Is right now to celebrate this one and only life
Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Diego Sena

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