Red Light

David Nail

Dadd9 com forma de Cadd9
E com forma de D
F#m com forma de Em
A com forma de G
Tom: A(forma do acorde no tom de G)Capotraste na 2ª casa
Intro 2x: Cadd9 G Verso 1: Cadd9 G So this is how it ends Cadd9 G This is where it all goes down Cadd9 G D This is what i dont love you Cadd9 G feels like Cadd9 G It aint the middle of he night Cadd9 G and it aint even raining outside Cadd9 G D It aint excatly what i had in mind Cadd9 For goodbye Refrão: Cadd9 G At a red light in the sunshine on a D sunday
Em Cadd9 G D Nothin to say dont even try Cadd9 G Some are coming home some are D leaving town Em While my worlds crashing down Cadd9 G D On a sunday in the sunshine At a red light ( Cadd9 G D ) 2x Verso 2: Cadd9 G I thought she was going to say Cadd9 Somthing about that couple kissing across the street Em Or something about this beautiful day Cadd9 G But she just looked me in the eye said its over cadd Didnt try to lie or pick a fight G D I might have seen it coming that Cadd9 way (Refrão) Ponte: D Theres a mama calming down a little Cadd9 baby in the back seat in front of me D Theres an old man dressed in his Cadd9 sunday vest just waiting on green Em D But i cant see getting past (Refrão 2x) Outro: Cadd9 G 4x At a red light
Composição: Bruce Wallace / Dennis Matkosky / Jonathan Singleton / Melissa PeirceColaboração e revisão: luana oliveira

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