The Widower

Dead On

You ve been down before, you ll be down again
No one knows why ,who can say when?

Now you can feel better ,cause you re a free man
Make the best of precious time while you still can
Life moves faster than the eye can see
Rolling on forever towards eternity
Treat every day as if it
Were your last so as you grow older you
Dont regret your past
Go to pick it up-readjust
Now youre on your own,plenty satisfied
Forgot about those break up days
When you were sad and cried
Treated her so nice,she fucked with your head
Now its time to shop around and find someone else instead
Tossed a couple down, feeling alright
Hoping for some justice by the end of the night
Who do i see through the crowded scene?
Its my ex-bitty starting right at me
The widower haunts you forever

She only wants her sweet revenge
Its about time you put her in her place,never cause you grief again
Prepare yourself,gather your thoughts, time blew by all for naught
Exposed of what brought you down
Its tough at first being alone

Dont fret now,dont flee from home
Better times are coming round
3 years gone by and life has changed
Piked things up and rearranged
Only the memories are what you save
Times like those are what you lack
If could only get her back
The widower mocks you to your grave
Pick it up-readjusted

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Felipe Eeyore

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