Verse# 1
I aint change cuz I got folks
Sing my name
And as a matter of fact
I had to go through a little more pain
And as i win one soul
I'm doing what God told me to do
I'll do whateva it takes
To get the word straight to you.

D (10x)
Deitrrick Haddon!!

Verse # 2
When people tell me that my music
Change their life
Say man your music made me go home
To my wife
And there were two songs that took me
Through my greatest test
And when I hear those testimonies
They let me know that I've been blessed



Man aint nothing change
But the lives we save
From night to day, we give Christ the praise
No matter the cost
We'll carry they cross
Through these lyrics
D-Haddy you betta tell them how you feel

It's been a long time coming
I'm here now
From the street to the church
I'm all in ya ear now
With a whole revolution of gospel music
We got gospel moving
I'm just the vessel that God is using
BJ tell 'em what God has been doing


Composição: Brian Hyppolite / Deitrick HaddonColaboração e revisão: Ernesto Rocha

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