Verse 1
The wind tore away flaming crimson leaves
Silent park 's shedding colorful tears
Guarding each our breath, each step we take
Every glance that is safely kept in the heart

This broad horizon is for you
The sun and the rain and the sky are
Only for you
I'm giving you
All my innermost thoughts and precious dreams
All high hopes and wishes
Only for you
Only for you...

Verse 2
Skyline is painted with fiery gold
Please, don't forget me, my only beloved
Don't forget the fallen leaves under our feet
And the merging of rhythms of two beating hearts

Know, you're my happiness and grief
Endlessness of my dreaming
No one but you
No one but
You can save me from my loneliness
You can dispel my anguish
No one but you
No one but you...

Autumn's tearing off burning leaves
Flooding everything with the light of leaden sky
But if you are not with me when I need you
Now it is all the same to me. I cannot live without you!

Verse 3
I take an oath before you by my sadness
Of nights full of pain that seem to be endless
That I'll carry our infinite, wonderful feeling.
I'll retain our love through many long years.

You reign in my dreams and my desires
You took my will away
No one but you
No one but
You are my insane obsession
You are my celestial passion
No one but you
No one but you..

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Edivaldo Conceição

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