Amerikkkan Pie

Flatbush Zombies

I am redesigning the mind of the masses
That fear a black man with tattoos and bandanas
But when a white man wear tattoos and bandanas
And joins a bike gang it's all cool with the balance
Hate my black flesh, bet you're mad that I came up
You cannot change, rearrange my chemical make-up
Pigmentation, annunaki blood
Who just wanted to make ya

Astral project plug outta the matrix, you fake fucks plagiarists
I make a whore drop drugs with my cranium
Telepathy, host with the most
You can't find a better beast
Better off dead, I sever off heads
Ever since I blew up niggas think I got bread
So they got their hands out, they gone get their palms read
Red from all they bloodshed

Load it up my nigga, bang bang
Cook that rock nigga, slang 'caine
Point your finger, play the blame game
Fuck it dog it's the american way
Get high my nigga, maintain
Tell lies, chase fame
Cause if they could they would still hang
Trust me dog it's the american way

Music my own drug, distributed through the people
Niggas will never change unless you thinkin' you need to
We were built to destroy, home of the unemployed
We callin' it rap, while you callin' it noise
So evacuate your homes, radios never play my favorite song
Miss america would never be black, no use in tellin' me that
Everybody could coincide, it could never be that
Good riddance to the realest, but you gotta feel us

Gettin' cash every day, twistin' flame, hurtin' feelings
Stereotype, never marry a wife
Another block nigga making music, maybe you right
Most definitely and you questioning me
If the world fucked up the exception is me
The government love guns till they aimed at you
Ain't no tellin what I might do for the red white and the blue

Oh shit, oh lord
Here we go again finna get these packs off
Repetitive sedative, got a fetish for fetishes
An american menace, I'm manifesting my businesses
Realest as realest gets, terror the terrorists
If you put your hands out I'mma crush your fingertips
Fuck bloomberg, that man absurd
Throw him in the trunk right up on the curb

Hop out mash out leave his ass thurr
Niggas talk shit but I don't fear words
Better off dead, prepare for the worse
Been slaved since the my first damn days on this earth
Fuck social security and fuck homeland security
9/11 Biggest fraud in history
And all you rappers ain't God damn shit to me

Getting fucked by a label
Fame chasing bitch chasing lonely ass nigga probably
Go and snitch you ain't going to face it
In debt to the red white and blue
Your government lies so who the fuck is you

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Guilherme Vieira

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