My Team,Supreme

Flatbush Zombies

Today's agenda, a nation exterminating the pious
Pray that you never die, don't dare to be deemed the highest
Our right is founded by liars, righteous as my suppliers
They wonder where my supply is (nigga, where them beats?)
Fuck a feature, my ether is equal to each of your own
Embodied the balance of the world on my shoulders alone
But God bless america, my gs go hard
Gs make dreams and these grams make gods

I am so compelled, might as well proceed another step
Never took a l, still fresh without the double x
Manson, ransom, artificial anthems
Ladies say he handsome, these niggas throwing tantrums
Tripping to existence is often labeled as miscreants
Cause we position it different, real hard to make sense of it
Record labels making cents, we sensitive
Now we acting senseless, fuck you, architect for president

I'm on my freeze time, leaping in and out of portal shit
You on your prick your finger from a thorn, mere mortal shit
I'm on my heath ledger, I can't get my mind in order shit
Hitler at a bar mitzvah, torturous, slaughter shit
I am really that nigga, call it quits, get off my dick
Give a camera the finger every time I hear a flick
The code has been cracked and I am the glitch, do you hear this shit
Like a rabbit turd, I swing on a track absurd
My rhyme schemes and my bars infinite

I hear your shit and get a little narcoleptic
I admit you're kind of boring, I was out touring
Stroking kittens with dimples that remind me of lauren
London on thursday, sunday I'm new yorking
Brooklyn be the birthplace, kings county caucus
Cut the malarkey, y-y-you don't want no problems
Or drama, with zombies, get off me
Some may say seeing him's like seeing God

I see through all your transparency, oversee your façade
Dog, I raise your card like the paintings
Of them hounds playing poker
I'm cesar millan in the background taking notes
The potent, smoke up, hoes on my scrotum
Now the idle niggas always higher on the totem
I go son, haters like hoes, they just wanna blow us
With them calico bullet holes in my

My team, supreme, stay clean
Lyrical dreams, zombie regime, we be that
We at where the weed and lsd at
On since I was born, no such thing as relapse

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Guilherme Vieira

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