The Gambler


Tom: Bb
(intro 2x) ( Bb Bb/A Gm F Eb F Bb Bb/A Bb ) Bb Bb/A Gm Slow down, F Eb F we've got time left to be lazy Bb Bb/A All the kids have bloomed from Gm F Eb F babies into flowers in our eyes. Bb Bb/A Gm F We've got fifty good years left Eb F to spend out in the garden Eb Dm I don't care to beg your pardon, Cm F We should live Bb Bb/A Gm F Eb F until we die. Bb Bb/A Bb Bb Bb/A We were barely eighteen when we'd Gm Dm Eb F crossed collective hearts. Eb Dm It was cold, but it got warm when Cm F you'd barely crossed my eye. Bb Bb/A and then you turned, put out your Gm hand, F Eb F and you asked me to dance. Eb Dm Cm F I knew nothing of romance, but it was love at second sight. Eb F I swear when I grow up, I won't Bb Bb/A Gm F just buy you a rose. Eb F I will buy the flower shop, and Bb Bb/A Gm F you will never be lonely. Eb F Even if the sun stops waking up over the fields Bb Bb/A I will not leave, I will not leave Gm 'till it's our time.
Eb So just take my hand, you know that F Bb Bb/A I will never leave your side. Gm F Eb F Bb Bb/A Bb ( Bb Bb/A Gm F Eb F Bb Bb/A Bb ) Bb Bb/A It was the winter of '86, and all Gm Dm Eb F the fields had frozen over. Eb Dm Cm So we moved to Arizona to save F our only son Bb Bb/A Gm F Eb F and now he's turning to a man, Eb although he thinks just like his F mother, Eb Dm Cm F he believes we're all just lovers he sees hope in everyone. Bb Bb/A Gm And even though she moved away, F Eb we always get calls from our F daughter. Eb Dm She has eyes just like her father's Cm F they are blue when skies are grey Bb Bb/A Gm And just like him, she never F stops, Eb F Never takes the day for granted, Eb Dm works for everything that's handed to her, Cm F Never once complains. Eb F Bb You think that I nearly lost Bb/A Gm F you Eb F When the doctors tried to take you Bb Bb/A Gm F away. Eb F But like the night you took my Bb Bb/A Gm F hand beside the fire Eb F thirty years ago Bb to this day Eb You swore you'd be here 'til we F decide that it's our time Bb Well it's not time, you've never Bb/A Gm quit in all your life. Eb So just take my hand, you know that F Bb Bb/A Gm I'll never leave your side. Eb You're the love of my life, you F know that I'll never leave your Bb Bb/A Gm F Eb F Bb Bb/A Bb side. ( Bb Bb/A Gm F Eb F Bb Bb/A Bb ) (3x) ( Eb Dm Cm Dm Eb F ) ( Eb Dm Cm F ) Bb Bb/A Gm F You come home from work Eb F and you kiss me on the eye Eb You curse the dog you say that I Dm Cm F should never feed them what is ours Bb Bb/A Gm F and so we move all to the garden Eb F look at everything we've owned Eb Dm now the kids are coming home Cm Dm Eb F so I set the table Bb You can make the fire.
Composição: Fun.Colaboração e revisão: Allan Lauzid

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