He Stopped Loving Her Today

George Jones

Tom: G
G He said I'll love you till I die C She told him you'll forget in time D As the years went slowly by G She still preyed upon his mind G He kept her picture on his wall C Went half crazy now and then D He still loved her through it all G Hoping she'd come back again G Kept some letters by his bed C Dated 1962
D He had underlined in red G Every single I love you G I went to see him just today C Oh but I didn't see no tears D All dressed up to go away First time I'd seen him smile in G years Chorus: G G7 He stopped loving her today C They placed a wreath upon his door D And soon they'll carry him away G He stopped loving her today You know she came to see him one G last time C Oh and we all wondered if she would D And it kept running through my mind G This time he's over her for good Chorus He stopped loving her today
Composição: Bobby BraddockColaboração e revisão:

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