Been Here All Along

Hannah Montana

Tom: E
(intro 2x) E A E A Sunrise and a lifted my head E Then I smiled at your picture A sitting next to my bed E A Sunset and you're feeling ok E A Coz you smile at the letter that I sent you today B C#m And I, can't wait till I see you again A E And I, both say remember when, the A band played on the 4th of July B And you held me on your shoulders way up high (refrão) E A You're still there for me, wherever there might be B C#m And if an ocean lies between us
A E I'll send a message across the sea C#m That you can sleep tonight A9 Knowing it is alright C#m B A I believe that you will listen to B my song A A You're with me E You've been here all along A A9 You've been here all along E A Back then you walk me to school E A Told me to be careful and to follow the rules E A Fast forward and you taught me to drive E A You gave me the keys and we went fot a ride B C#m And I, can't wait till I see you again B C#m And I, both say remember when, I'm A holding on to moments like that B And I know that you're coming back (refrão) C#m B All along the way I keep you A E In my heart and in my prayers C#m B You'll always be the one who cares the most C#m B Counting down the days A E I see you running up to say "I C#m missed you" B "I missed you" (refrão)
Composição: Aris Archontis / Chen Neeman / Jeannie LurieColaboração e revisão: Matheus Khouri

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