Hellakin Riders


Back into time to the days of old right the year 1766
Close to a Spanish quarter called Liñares

Some say the dead men crawls into town harvesting pain, horror, agony
Galloping out from the darkness when the sun goes deep

Several citizens from society vanished, gone simply disappeared
Taken afar by the knights of the dead army

The blacksmith he's gone astray, the carpenter no more lives here
No one came back or was saw from that day over here
But I say they're under the ground!

Hellakin Riders are riding
Hellakin Riders are riding again

Speed! Speed! Close to the ground the horseman won't see us this way
Keep your mouth shut make a prayer with the eyes open wide

A glimmer man rides over a black steed his noses expelling the steam of hell
Spewing an evil hatred as he cast a spell

Reverend's slaughter I'll never forget overwhelmingly alarming
When he just headed to stop all this lunacy

"I give you the light of the day", screamed the beloved Priest
Before his head was chopped off in a single cut
I still see it rolling around!

Hellakin Riders are riding
Hellakin Riders are riding again

The man in black is coming back to spew his evil hate
Don't pay attention brother when you walk around
And probably you'll be the next in his way.

Satan made a vow and entertains us mesmerized
Spirits spin enraptured chanting a Sabbath Oh!

Hellakins are riding, riding again

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Thais Silva

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