On Earth As It Is In Hell


I am a messenger - I come to you this day
I bring a dreadful warning - hear what I say
Hark well on my words and do not delay
Your faith will be the spade
With which you dig your own grave


I have knowledge - I have seen
What our master has decreed
From this day o it shall be
On earth as it is in hell

Vile venomous visions infest my dreams
Foul forthcomings my brains unseem
The wheel is spinning, spawned is the seed
Of the devil incarnate - evil extreme



Our father where are you
Now your prophecy's coming true
When your children scream and cry
When we suffer and will die forever
On earth as it is in hell

Who can we believe in - who can we turn to now
Who will be our saviour in the end
What's the final answer - to rid the evil lord
The only one?
..Or 'holy one' by who we are condemned

Composição: David G. Halliday / Kev Bower / Tony SpeakmanColaboração e revisão: Robsom RebonatoChristian Jean

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