Harbinger of Death


Harbinger of death rides forth and in his wake leaves sorrow
Those who cross his bloody path disclaim their own tomorrow
All terrible in his splendour with glistening axes near
Raging as a God, fear and misery

Iron clad fury, the harbinger of death draws near
Spreading terror through these wooded lands of fear

Harbinger rides on, scouring, flaying wrath
Wields up his weaponry, carnage in his path
Ripping flesh from bone with grim determination
Rending limb from limb, he wreaks his devastation

Intense is the sense of doom impending
The harbinger brings sentence to the crime
Intense, the sense of doom is never ending
Melancholy be the folly of mankind

Please listen to my warning

Composição: Colaboração e revisão: Travain JP

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